Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Google me this

When I'm fighting insomnia or needing methods of procrastination I will occassionally spend time googling people I know.  I really have found some interesting things that way.

Well, the other night I decided to google *this* site name, just to see.  Because, you know, I stalk my analystics and often wonder how people find my site.

I was happy to see myself pop up right away (btw - Bing doesn't bring up nearly as much, so stay with Google! :D )

I also found someone else who had TALKED about me!  The Accidental Farmwife had done a similar thing and Googled 'farmwife' to see what else was out there.  Ahhh, the amazing things we find when we seek to find more about ourselves.

So, what's the most interesting thing you have found out about someone (or yourself) by using Google?

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