Friday, January 7, 2011

Supporting Autism!

Not too long ago I read an article about how iPads and iPhones have been helping Autistic kids in a variety of ways.  My son is in 5th grade, and the organization apps alone would help him tremendously.  I know he's feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated as he is starting to change classrooms for subjects, and I'm nervous about the middle school years.  So I wondered how I could possibly get one for him.

Then a friend showed me this website that is doing fundraisers for INDIVIDUAL kids to allow them to get an iPad.  All that I need to do is a fundraiser selling $20 keychains or necklaces. 
I am getting one of each, and I'm taking the Key Chain to get engraved with my son's name on it as well!

That's only 58 more to go!  What one would you like?  Two ways to order.

* If you live close to me and would like me to deliver it to you, just email me at and let me know.  I will then respond and give you my address.  I can place the orders once I have received the money, and will send them in batches.

* If you would like it shipped to you directly, go to The Puzzling Piece's website  you will just need to put my name in the comments section when you check out in order for us to receive credit.  Teresa Sharp

Oh, and I'm hoping to get 120 (or more!) so I can donate an iPad to my son's school as well!

Thank you for your support!

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