Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back with a Bang!

Yes, I know I've been noticeably absent lately.  It's been a crazy winter here on the Farmstead and I've been working on redoing my blog/website.  I was going to wait to post the recipes, etc that I have been doing until then - but it's taking longer than I expected. 

As always, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get some mini updates.

I have a few new recipes to post this week, and will get them up.  I'm also working with a friend to start posting some crafting tutorials.  It's going to be a grand time!

Moving forward, I wanted to share a FUN event last week.

For Christmas I coordinated a Holiday Gift exchange at work.  The person I drew is a major Christmas Fan.  His entire cube at work had more decorations than my own home did last year.  I asked him if he collected anything in specific, and he said snowmen.

So, I put together my first Pieced quilt with appliqued designs as a wall hanging for him as a gift.  He loved it!

A week or so later, I was Window Shopping at Hancock Fabrics and noticed they had a "contest" section. They were partnering with Simplicty Patterns for a Holiday Contest.  They had 5 categories, 1 being crafts.  Since I had used one of their patterns as a template for the quilt, I entered the one picture I had of the quilt into the contest on a whim.

Last month, I received a call that I was one of the top 5 finalists in the country for my category.  Talk about being giddy that day.  I went to my co-worker and asked if I could borrow the quilt back to send in for final judging. Last week I got the phone call: I had won second place!

Yes, I'm extremely happy.  And I told my husbad that my prize winnings are MINE and will be invested back into my hobby. ;)

I'm sharing this for two reasons.  One, because I love to share good news in my life.  And two, embrace the things you love, put yourself out there and take risks.  Great things can happen!

Here's a picture of the quilt!


  1. oh i'm so glad you're back!! i've missed you, brainyfarmwife!! don't leave for so long next time ... the withdrawals were awful.

  2. Thank you, just me, your check is in the mail. ;)