Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Giveaway - Unlikely Friendships

I found this adorable book and knew that I just had to have it.  It is a collection of stories about the unlikely friendships between animals. For example, the pig and the dachshund where the dog became a foster mom to a runty little piglet. Just makes your heart melt! 

I love stories of all sorts that discuss how things you don't THINK should work, do.  Whether it's animal friendships, recipe adaptations or people beating the odds. I especially liked this book because it appeals to me and this blog: Brainy and Farm Wife, the idea that two opposites can equally co-exist.

And now, to kick off the new year, I want to share a copy with you! 

We will be focusing on our theme of Feeding the Body, Mind and Soul this year with posts such as:
*  Recipes & Menu ideas
*  Parenting tips and trick
*  Craft ideas and tutorials
*  Favorite reads
*  Product recommendations, favorite tips and tricks, organizing and planning
*  Self-sufficancy and sustainable living

Here are the contest details:
Each comment counts as 1 entry

* Leave a comment below and tell me what you most enjoy reading on the blog
* Follow the blog, let me know you've done so, and what you'd like to see more of this year
* Like on Facebook, let me know that you've done so
* SHARE the contest with others, have them say that you sent them and you will both have the opportunity to win a copy!
* Follow us on Pinterest and comment that you have done so, also state what you love pinning

There you have it!  You can earn 5 entries (or more if you refer others) .  Contest closes on Sunday, January 8th and the winner will be selected via a random number generator and announced on the 9th.

Ready.  Set. GO!


  1. I love reading uplifting thoughts and recipes -- I need positive stuff in both arenas. :) And I am already following you on FB!

  2. I follow you on Pinterest and will be sharing this on twitter!

  3. I follow everywhere! And I like your recipes.

  4. I love reading recipes! Though I also like seeing how you are able to raise animals with love, and then eat them. Animals for food should be raised with love.

  5. I do follow the blog, and would like to see more recipes! (If we do not live to eat, what is the point?)

  6. I also follow on Pinterest. I love pinning animals and ideas for homes (dreaming of designing a home hasn't gotten old yet, and I started at about 5), and FOOD!

  7. As a New Year begins I plan to get more inventive with my cooking to make my Man a happier man! I think your blog can help with this.

  8. Of course we follow...you are our #1!