Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Farmwife's Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most fun traditions of Easter is the Egg Hunt.  However, they don't have very many for adults (unless you happen to be brave enough and close enough to take on the crazy moms at Alpenrose Dairy in hunting for diamonds in their eggs - I am not).

On the farm, we get a daily egg hunt!  Here is what it is like for me.

Go outside, and get a big bucket of scratch (cracked corn, sunflower seeds and whatever other treat we mix in there this time)

Head out to the aviary / coop area.

Toss scratch out to the Lovely Ladies.

Some get too impatient and just come and get it from me.

Gotta give treats to the pheseants too!

Look!  Pheseant eggs!

Found one!  Lazy bird didn't want to go lay it in the nest.

Found some in the coop!

Today's Bounty

Happy Easter!


  1. Do you get that many eggs every day? How do you eat THAT many eggs? No WONDER you bake so much!

  2. With 30 hens - sometimes we do! I also sell them at work. I started off with just 4 hens for eggs for ourselves, but then started adding the ladies because so many others were interested in fresh eggs. I love it!

  3. That's awesome! Wish I worked with you...what with all the goodies, and the fresh eggs...mmmmmmm!