Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For the love of Bacon

Trends have always interested me - it's amazing what can become popular and trendy.

Well, Bacon seems to be a trend.  You can find all manner of Bacon-related products: popcorn, lip balm, dental floss.  Go to Etsy and you'll find quite the assortment of bacon scarfs, jewlery and clothing.

My daughter, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, also happens to be a huge fan of Bacon.  And so I decided to get creative and decorate her cake with bacon. 

No, not real bacon (although you can find bacon candy).  I made bacon strips out of Gum Paste, and wanted to show you how you too can make bacon decorations!

Makin' Bacon
I purchased some Wilton's Gum Paste mix and mixed according to the directions on the container.  Just add water and powdered sugar.  Easy Peasy.

I divided the mix in half, and dyed it red, leaving the other white. Taking a small from each color, I rolled out two snakes of red, and one of white and laid them side by side (red, white, red).  Then I pinched them together. 
The great part about this step is that you WANT it to be uneven!  No worries if it's not "just so".

Then I rolled it flat - making candy bacon ribbons!

I wasn't quite sure how to decorate the cake with it, so I put a D on it for her name.

And then put strips on the sides.

She LOVED it!!! 

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  1. That cake is amazing! I kind of love it and might copy it sometime.