Thursday, February 23, 2012

Security Blankets

I have always loved giving people homemade gifts.  I learned how to crochet in High School, and started making baby blankets when my cousins had babies.  I always wanted to learn to quilt, but never had the opportunity.

A couple of years ago a friend taught me the basic rag quilt - and I made my first one for a friend's new baby.  I was hooked.

Another friend had seen a fun sock monkey quilt I had made and requested one for her nephew for Christmas, since his nickname is Monkey. 

Of course, I had to make a space one for his science-loving brother.

Today I was reminded of the source of the great joy.  My friend told me that the blanket has become a true security blanket for her nephew.  He recently took it with him to an annual medical evaluation and it is one of the tools that they use when he has meltdowns and truly soothes him.  It's what he uses to cuddle up in when he's sick.

So the next time you aren't sure what to give a child, a personal quilt or blanket is always a good option.  You never know when something hand made with love is always a good gift.

And I'm going to keep this as a reminder to always stock up when I find cute fabric because you never know when you'll need it! :D

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