Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Giveaway!

I'm in a little bit of denial.  My sweet baby girl is turning 10 today.  She told me that she is now officially a "Tween" and that in just THREE years she will be a teenager!  *gulp*

I call her my Little Miss Sassafrass.  She is all that is sweet and spunky.  She is the future of the Brainy Farm family.  She loves to head outside with the animals, REALLY wants a horse but is taking care of the rabbits for 4H and hoping to compromise with a llama soon. 

She also requested that I print her off some math worksheets for FUN for when she comes home from school on her birthday as part of her gift.  Weirdo.

In honor of my little girl, I'm doing a giveaway of a couple of items that remind me of her, and that she has enjoyed.

here's the birthday girl this morning in her special birthday outfit.

There will be 2 winners - but the entry time is limited!!!  So, you'd better hurry.

First is a copy of Book 1 of the Little House series: Little House in the Big Woods
My girlie got these last year and read them through so fast, she loves the books and the TV show!

Next is the DVD Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
My girlie was determined to ride a diving horse when she saw this and was very dissapointed to hear they weren't around anymore.  She loves horses and adventure, and truly fell in love with this story.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy being 10 and enjoy your math worksheets!

  2. I feel you. My oldest baby turned 13 today. Not easy. LOL She is beautiful,I hope she has a very happy Birthday. I love your blog.

    Kelly D

  3. Teri Le, she is such a doll! Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was super special!!