Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome The Princess - a new contributor

YEAH!  My good friend Jannet (The Princess)  is joining the BFW blog as a regular contributor.  She's AWESOME, and I'm excited to have her join me as we work to bring you more frequent and regular content.

Here she is!
greetings, brainy farm wife fans! my name is jannet and i am so very excited to be a part of teresa's venture. :) she consistently amazes me at the things she comes up with and her insight. i call her my "dr. phaura" (dr. phil and dr. laura combined).

i've been married to my mr. wonderful for over 17 years and am continually impressed that he puts up with me. i'm crazy, a total pink lover, a believer that i'm a princess, and love to have fun (and sleep). together, we had four goofy kids in less than five years. told you i'm crazy!! "roni" is almost 14; "bug" just turned 12; "weasel" is 10; and "boo" is 9.

as for me, i'm an arizona transplant that now lives in colorado. before moving here 18 months ago, i had never really lived more than 15 miles away from the house i grew up in. so this was a h-u-g-e change. i'm the oldest of seven kids (5 boys and 1 girl) and love being the boss in charge of things.

i'm a stay at home mom to the kiddos - who are all in school ALL DAY LONG!! not that i don't love the kids, but it's nice to have me time and then be ready to enjoy them when they get home. or at least be prepared for the joy that will come when they arrive.

i love to try new things - from foods to crafts. i have my own playroom that i create in. i enjoy cleaning, organizing, sleeping (napping is my best talent!), and finding solutions to problems - total trial and error. i'm an anything but typical  girly girl - anything pink, sparkly, glittery, or shiny gets my attention (have you seen up? instead of "squirrel", i'm distracted with "sparkles") but i also have a dream of owning a harley fat boy some day and i have my own gun; i save scary movies & tv shows for watching when mr. wonderful is out of town.

i'm giddy with joy at the idea of sharing some of my thoughts with you ... i look forward to getting to know you all!